Thursday, December 1, 2016


Well… it’s suppose I need to talk about the changes I want doing to my study programme, but my study programme it’s actually very good, it’s critical, utilizing methods inductive o deductive depending to the situation, maintaining a character performative when everything it’s related, but it’s carry out with a deepening in the themes.

But if I need to say something about it, even considered the previous, I would say the teaching methods.

I have really good teachers, all of them have a lot of knowledge, but that don’t mean they are specially goods for explain that knowledge. And it’s not their fault, I’m not the kind of person to blame the persons, because the persons are not the problem, always is the system, in this case the teaching methods.

This method follows a static methodology, with the students and the teachers explaining and asking about a topic in a classroom. In this perspective the student just writing and ask if they have a confusion or if they need an explanation, but the logical it’s very directive. What plus to the space and the disposition in that space facilitate the development for part of the student and even for part of the teacher.

Another aspect in this method is the disengagement between the class and the life out of the class, separating for example the lecture and the analysis of this lecture in spaces out of the class, a big and erroneous aspect in my opinion.

This is just a critic, I know, and I don’t offering a solution, I only want show an aspect about the study programme which, in my opinion, it need to be changed.

See you. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Summer holidays


Okay, sorry. Maybe it's a little exaggerated, but I feel so stressed now, I have to study a lot, writing all days close to every hour and I’ve slept poorly, in this exactly moment the summer holidays represent that for me, freedom.

Hello, today I will talk about my plans for summer holidays. To star, I need to say, I like me stay busy, I feel so bad when I don’t doing something with my life, but in this moment it’s excessive and for an imposition, not for an election, it’s for that I complaining about it, but in a normal moment I’m okay with that situation.

Following the same line, in my summer holidays I will probably work in something, possibly for the university like the past year, but I really need rest a little, so I will probably work just to half-day, and the rest of the time I going to sleep, spend the time with my friends, I haven’t see they regularly for the university and I miss they so much, I go to run, I watch series, cartoons, animes, tv series and movies, make cakes and cookies and eat a lot of ice-cream, that are all my wishes

I know, sound like a weird plan, probably you are question yourself if I’m a crazy women, how it can be possible that she don’t want travelling or try something new, but the fact it’s I’m happy with that. I you want laugh with my friend, eat something delicious and rest, maybe I’m a simple women ^^.

Well, I hope you have a goods summer holidays, see you soon. 

Thursday, November 10, 2016


Hello everyone, today I will talk about films, I think the movies and the industry of the cine in general it was a reproduction of the cultures. I wrote something years ago and I believe it can be expressed perfectly what the cine is.

Why don’t be afraid the men from his reflect if it which more know about his own darkness? (Arrieta, D. 2010)

It was a translation, maybe it isn’t correct, but that is my opinion, the cine, and the films in concrete, they are just reflects, about ours feels, fears, hopes, dreams, histories, pains   and happiness.

I watch many kinds of films, addressing drama and psychology even animation, I think every gender delivery a vision of world, and even if I’m not a fan from comedy movies or action movies I can be appreciate that vision, I appreciate the diversity.

Associated with that, my favorites films are “Fight club”, “The butterfly effect”, “Shutter Island and in animation “Anomalisa” and everything from Ghibli Studios. Because the first have a lot of symbolism and they constructed from the psychology and the complexity of the humans, and the seconds because they use a beautiful draws, wonderful soundtracks and storyline with complexity.

If I had to choose what film I want to see again, I will probably say “The giant iron”, I really love this movie, it’s really clever and kind, I totally recommended.

See you. 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Postgraduate studies

“Knowledge is power” (Sir Francis Bacon)

Hello everyone, welcome to my defective mind. Today I will talk about postgraduate studies.
If I completely honest, I liked learn in general and always have something to learn. I believe it can be a great opportunity, because, and I completely agree with Francis Bacon, the knowledge is power.

Focus in the topic, I think realizes postgraduate studies it can be amazing, if I can do it in the future, I might be really happy. I’m not sure about what subject I would like to study, but I guess it can be public policy or social intervention, because I would like work in the government, but with a critical perspective, I don’t want reply the same things.

I would like study in Chile, preferably continue my studies in the “Universidad de Chile” with the program of Social work for Doctorate, the problem it is the price, I don’t know if I can be pay a postgraduate study, because they are expensive and my family don’t have a lot of money, it can be a trouble if I would enter in a postgrad, probably I will must work for paying my classes, and, I don’t know if I’m capable to study and work at the same time. Considering the possible situation I will probably study in part-time courses.

Anyway, I don’t know the future; it will be completely different to my wishes.

See you the next time. 

Friday, October 28, 2016

my future job?

The job it can be the better passion or a horrible torment, all depends. 

Hello everybody am I, If I'm honest, I believe this will be the worse post in my life, the woooorse.

I don’t know in what thing I want work, actually, I don’t know if I want work. I have an idyllic perspective about job and I think the reality possibly disappoint me and sadden. But If I’m just dreaming, I would like to work in the government, possibly in some municipality, because I want to change the most quantity of things. Deconstruct the social work, reassign us our roles as facilitators, not of solvers, but only enablers for change, I think it is people who can better analyze their own situations and the things they’re want, give them that power and enable empowerment, that's what I wanted to do.

I don’t know what more say, I don’t have aspirations for myself, like have a big salary, or a huge office, travels around the world, even I don’t care me if I have to work for long hours resulting exhausted, I don’t care me anything about that, my location or even my schedule, if I could make those changes, I would very happy with my job. Maybe I’m a weird woman.

Well… I hope this it okay, because I wouldn’t know what more I can say, it’s a sincere post, is the only virtue it has ^^Uu.

See you. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Everything has its beauty, for that, we can say all the things are art. 
If I a need to express my opinion about this topic, I might say I can appreciated different forms to Art. For me, the most wonderful form to art it is the writing, followed for drawing and painting, but I can value the majority of visual art.

I enjoy the art when it can represent a critic, without letting to show us the beauty of the things, or when it can show us a new form to see a determinate thing. For example, the art of Banksy content a lot of social, political and psychological critic, but he/she/they can continue using realistic proportions and a poetry beauty.

We can see the magnificence of the dew in a painting, a photography or even with a microscope, the import it’s change the perspective.

I think it because I love the social critic, but for example, I love the books when they talk about wars or problems, I believe when they show us something complicated and even painfully at the same time we can appreciate the most pure beauty, in the psychology of the persons, in their wishes and their fears, we can see the social construction of the world.  Maybe sounds weird, but I think it can be fascinating.

See you ^^  

Thursday, October 13, 2016


Hello, it’s me, a lovely and confused girl ^^U. Today I will talk about music; I think the capability to hear is a way to appreciate and interpreted the world.

I have a really good hearing, over average, but contradictorily I didn’t have any kind of particular appreciate for the music, when I had a kid a can just supporting the classical music, maybe, result me so totalizing for my capability to hear the another kinds of music. When I grow up I discovered my affiliation for a specifically kind of music, the metal.  I really like the Metal, but results me to intense, for that I just can hear it in a low volume, never forget me appreciate for the classical music, and I think How can results if we put together? And that is the way how I discovered the symphonic metal.

 For me the metal is a free expression of aaaaall your feelings, with a critic perspective. The instruments are sublime and the passion of the musicians is palpable, the only problem is the intensity. For me, is too big, and even if I love that music results me a little painfully hearing it. For another way, the classical music results me epic, elegant, calm and clever, with the capability to make people feel renew, the instruments are so exquisites, but sometimes not enough stimulant. The symphonic metal have the better of the both, and for me it don’t have faults, but obviously is just and opinion.

My favorite group is Apocalyptica, it’s a Finn group, and they play symphonic metal, and are really magnificent. I think the better form to present to Apocalyptica is hearing they, enjoy!!

See you!!